On this page you can download images, video's and product information for all 2021 CUBE products. You can also download practical manuals and guides.

Price lists

Consumer price list IRL (updated: 19-1-2021)
Consumer price list UK (updated: 20-1-2021)

POS files

POS file UK (updated: 21-1-2021)
POS file IRL (updated: 21-1-2021)

Dealerbook 2021


Product images CUBE 2021
Detail Pictures CUBE Bikes 2021
Detail Pictures CUBE Hybrids 2021

Product images 2021 - Kids

Action pictures CUBE 2021 - All bikes
Action pictures CUBE 2021 - Road
Action pictures CUBE 2021 - (E-)MTB
Action pictures CUBE 2021 - (E-)Tour, Trekking & Urban 
CUBE 2021 Product Launch Social Media Content

Exploded view CUBE frames 


Assembly guide CUBE Cargo Hybrid
Service request manual